We add experience!
“Know-How” is the specific knowledge of the technical issue and methodical competence
to “engineer” the right solution. Engineering is not a straight forward development process,
but an optimization process with iteration loops to cover all requirements the system must fit.
More experience means less loops, less trouble but more success and pleasure.With the right and dedicated
co-workers the result will be better, the progress will be faster and finally cheaper.
To run the process there are procedures and “guided workflows” necessary to minimize mistakes and to control
risk. But the economics enforce to balance effort and results, so it’s exhausting to make procedures absolutely
failure proof. There is no world formula for “zero failure, total quality, high end, super advanced” –engineering.
It needs experienced, educated and responsiveness staff, external support from suppliers and experts and
the verification of the design calculation input data with measured data from prototype testing.
This is possible with accelerated life time tests and a controlled product life cycle management.
Quality control during the production process and service/maintenance is very important and
establishing a closed loop to feed back information to the system developers.
Share knowledge throught people and teams with design criteria and development handbooks with the information
why systems are designed the way they are. This is more than a specification how the result should be.
Balance process guidelines and workload to reduce stress, maximize the strength in the core capabilities of
your people to help them doing their work and grow more customer value.
We can support you on this way
evolution: - progressive optimization of systems to
better fit the essential requirements -