CV Rainer Schlangen
Technical consulting for companies in the wind energy domain,
wind turbine generator (WTG) development and optimization, service strategy and quality,
education of service technicians at Edwin Academy /Bremen.
Industrial mechanic in production and development at ENERCON GmbH /Aurich.
Department “measurement engineering”, design of test benches and installation of equipment.
1995 – 2000
University of applied science FH Emden, study of mechanical engineering, graduated engineer.
Development engineer at GE Wind Energy GmbH /Salzbergen.
Mechanical components for offshore WTG, GE 1.5o and 3.6o.
2004 GE Service engineering, FMEA and optimization of WTG  GE 1.5s and GE900.
Entrepreneur as freelancer, consulting engineer
Assignment from company PowerWind GmbH /Hamburg for the development of
mechanical components for the WTG PW 56.
evolution: - progressive optimization of systems to
better fit the essential requirements -